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Ignite is a two-day preteen event that will help fifth and sixth graders to be IGNITED for God through Biblical teaching, worship, missions and fun!

The preteen years are a very exciting and challenging time for kids in their lives. Preteens are under different pressures than kids younger than them and older than them. This is a time where they are starting to figure out who they are, what they are really good at, what they aren’t so good at and where they fit in. It is a time where they are asking themselves if it is ok to still play with toys or should I jump into the crazy world of social media?

As they try to figure out who they are, we want to help them know who the Lord says they are. As they try to find out the direction for their lives, we want them to know Who goes before them. As they grow up, and face challenges great and small, we want them to know how much God loves them.

Ignite will be January 18-19, meet at the church at 6PM Friday night, pick up will be 4PM Saturday afternoon.

What to bring: NOTHING! (Actually your child is welcome to bring a pillow/blanket, but we will have activities all night long. They don't have to bring anything)

Cost: $20 (This will cover meals and a shirt)

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