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Podcast: 3 Questions, Episode 44

  1. Psalm 56:8 points out there are a few "heavenly" books/scrolls referenced throughout the Bible that seem to convey God is keeping written record of various things. God has perfect and complete memory so who is the the intended reader? Us?
  2. To Pastor Doug: on Easter Sunday you said that Mary’s changed life was evidence that Jesus is alive. How then do we respond to Muslims, Mormons, etc., who also claim that their changed lives are evidence that their god is real (alive).
  3. What does it mean to guard your heart in a dating relationship? Is it a biblical concept?

3 Questions is a weekly podcast from Southern Hills Baptist Church. Each week our ministers will answer three questions submitted by the congregation.

Questions can be submitted at You can also text them to 505-258-2076 or email All questions will be kept anonymous.