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Podcast: 3 Questions, Episode 37

We answer the following questions on this week's episode:

  1. Did God cause David to sin by taking a census in 2 Samuel 24?) How are we to understand 2 Samuel 24:1 when it says “he incited David against them saying ‘Go number Israel and Judah’”? Later on in the chapter, David realized that doing this was a sin. We understand that God does not tempt us to sin but it would appear in this situation he tells David to sin by conducting a census of the fighting men which brings punishment on Israel.
  2. Is it a sin to get tattoos? How can we discourage young people from getting tattoos when a Baptist periodical promotes them. The cover of February 2021 issue of Home Life magazine has a couple whose arms are covered up by tattoos. And yes, I find them to be ugly. Does God care if we do this to our bodies?
  3. What are some good verses to memorize and meditate on that summarize the gospel?—for my own good and for my conversations with others.

3 Questions is a weekly podcast from Southern Hills Baptist Church. Each week our ministers will answer three questions submitted by the congregation. Questions can be submitted at You can also text them to 505-258-2076 or email All questions will be kept anonymous.